Monday, June 30, 2008

How to get started?

I just can't seem to keep any momentum at all in this blog. Part of that comes from not having a burning issue that I want to hammer on all the time. When I have the opportunity to sit down and write out an entry, I'm usually at work, and I feel guilty for doing it, even on my break. Then when I have the perfect time to do it and really feel like it, I either don't have a computer available or no Internet connection. I look around at my friends and my daughter, and their blogging at least several times a week. They're also on Ravelry and other venues.

I think from now on I'll treat this as a letter to my friends.

I'll try to upload more pictures. I have lots of good ones that I just haven't resized and uploaded to Flickr. I've been taking some baby steps into the craft of knitting.