Friday, July 26, 2013

Pure pH Balanced Water In Pflugerville, TX

Hello Pflugerville friends of Enagic.

Water covers over 70 percent of the earth’s surface and makes up 60 percent of the human body. Maybe that’s why water is used in many important human rituals. Christians are baptized in water, Buddhists use water during funerals, Jews cleanse hands and feet to maintain a state of purity, Muslims wash themselves at fountains outside Mosques before entering, and Hindus believe all water is sacred.

As a health-conscious Pflugerville resident, I want the water I drink and use in my daily rituals of brushing my teeth and cleansing my face to be as cherished as the water used in life’s spiritual moments.

I filter my Pflugerville tap water with my Kangen Water filtration system creating delicious, ionized alkaline water. Through innovative water technology developed in Japan I can produce water perfect for all my daily rituals.

I turn my Pflugerville municipal water into perfectly pH balanced drinking water with a pleasant sweet flavor. I also create acidic water which I use to wash my face and hair. I love how my face feels after a daily washing with Kangen water.

My name is Frank Robinson and I am an independent Enagic distributor. If you would like to enhance your daily rituals please contact me today. I would love to share more about the unique health benefits of Kangen Water.