Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Week in Review

My mom was sent from the hospital to a nursing home Friday. Friday evening, we took her some clothes and saw where she was staying.

I started two fires on some dead-tree stumps.

Saturday morning, two friends from work came out to pick Agarita berries. We helped them get started and tended my fires. We got cleaned up and drove to Austin to an Austin Ballet recital that our granddaughter, Emily was in. After the recital, we shopped at Sam's and ate at the Texas Roadhouse.

Sunday was a day of rest. I had to, I was so sore from working on the tree stumps.

Monday, one of my friends had a jar of agarita jelly for me. After work, we went straight to Luling to fill out paperwork at the nursing home, then met our new tenants at the mobile home we rent out. They are a very nice young couple.

This afternoon after work I have a meeting at Bedichek Middle School of our knitting class. It is a celebration and reflection on the semester we just finished.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back Again

I didn't intend to stay gone so long, but I was playing around with another piece of software and a free web-hosting site. I think I just need to write, and not worry about where things are kept, or exactly how they look.

I intend to do some writing about knitting, cycling, simple living, and probably my imminent(?) retirement (about a year away).

I have been busy with some volunteering in the public schools, and working with my land, etc. I really need to get back into writing. As I get older, I cannot do all the things I once could do, nor do I have time to do some things, but I can keep busy, I can do some things, and I can write about them. This will not be a political rant blog, so if you're looking for that sort of thing, this won't be for you.

Six of one, half dozen of another

Published on another website on October 7, 2009.

Very busy month shaping up for October.

I’m involved in AIR Austin, which culminates on Oct. 24 in an all-day rally. AIR is the Accessible Internet Relay.

Last weekend, we spent one day at the antiques/junk fair at Warrenton/Round Top.

This weekend, we’re going to Houston to see the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science (Sat), and the Central Texas yarn crawl (Sun).

The yarn crawl is actually Oct. 9-12, so I’m going to try to visit a few of the local shops on Friday during lunch and after work, then drive out into the hill country on Sunday.

I just got a new laptop, a Dell 1545. I will never buy another HP or Compaq computer again. This Dell has them beat all over.

Tomorrow night, Oct. 8, is the annual fund-raising banquet for Central Texas Life Care, which we will attend.

I’ll probably miss Octoberfish, Oct 16-18, because we’ll be painting cabinets on the 17th.

I’m hoping that November will be a little less busy.